LU-K is band from Valencia (Spain) that makes a melodic pop rock with a strong influence of groups of the last 2 decades. After  release their first work "El tiempo pasa " (2007) they present their new EP " Dias extraños " by The Blind Records produced by the Blind Joes (Cat people, Love of lesbian, Sidonie, Vinodelfin).

Band Members


Alfonso Balaguer (voz)
Emilio Moreno (Batería)
Jose Javier  Moya (bajo)
Jose Luis Sanz (guitarra)
Pablo Naharro (guitarra)



Interpol, The Cure, Killers, U2.



LU-K is band from Valencia (Spain) that makes a melodic pop rock with an epic touch, and with a strong influence of groups of the last 2 decades. After the recording of his first work "El tiempo pasa " (2007) and a time making concerts, they record his second studio work, the EP " Dias extraños " (2009) at the Blind Records studios in Barcelona, produced by the Blind Joes. Nowadays they are preparing new songs for the next work.


Studio Album:

  • El tiempo pasa (2007)


  • Días extraños (EP) (2009)

Interview with LU-K


1. How did the band begin?


LU-K was formed in 2002 after the ending of other musical projects. We begin to compose own songs at the time we made covers of strong Anglo-Saxon influence, to create a live set list and record our songs in order to make our sound more popular.


2. How would you define the sound of the band?


We have many influences , it could be defined by melodic and guitar based Indie pop rock.


3. Talk us about your last work.


"Dias extraños" shows references of the sound that defines us, variety within well assembled pop rock. It as produced with the help and the experienced vision of the Blind Joes (Sidonie, Love of Lesbian, Catpeople…), managing to mark a new line in the songs and making them bigger, with a perfect sound and an excellent production.


4. How are your concerts? What can we find there that we wont find on your studio records?


We want people to enjoy our live songs as much as they do with our records, though we reach something more tat only playing, we want our audience to get involved and to sing the songs.

When we play live we have more flexibility to change things from the recorded songs, and the sound gets stronger when we play.


5. What do you think about the music industry and what do you think is your place within it?


Currently we have many different spanish bands,some known and some popular, that have a very high level. Is a pleasure to enjoy such a variety. Sometimes we pay a little more attention to international groups but the Spanish scene is in constanty rising.

If we talk about the record companies, here each company search a very concrete style, and LU-K have a variety of styles that maybe could be good for us because our sound is more personal.

What we try is to work hard for our music and slowly make our music be heard everywhere.

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Recommended Tracks

Cada Paso (2009)

Ciencia Ficción (2009)

Cooper (2009)



LU-K - Cooper

Tour Dates


Come On! Indie Festival,  19 and 20 de November 2010. Barcelona.



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