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   Jungle Bands 2012


Muñeco (Spain) is a five piece indie rock band from Barcelona founded in 2011. Their music is a fusion of indie rock, krautrock and some bits of soft psychedelia in a harmonic sound well composed and perfectly played. The band just released their self-titled debut EP, a starting point of a work to keep in mind. This band is going to give us very good moments for sure. 

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Gdansk (Canada) is the music project founded by Canadian multi-instrumentalist Timothy Mann and the musicians Ian Kennedy, Jamie Ball and Tom Lang. This 4 pieces band with influences by Radiohead, The Antlers or Brian Eno just released their debut selftittle EP Gdansk and is already working on new material.

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Theatre Royal

Theatre Royal (UK) is the perfect example of a music band in which every song, every detail and every step has been carefully worked. Their music, lyrics and performances combine, with extraordinary coherence, open atmospheres full of hope and happiness, with the dark worlds of an Ingmar Bergman inspiration. An excellent English band from Rochester to follow and discover

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Burning Jet Black

Burning Jet Black (USA) formerly The Whiskey Saints, is a completely new music project by a 4 pieces band from Santa Monica, CA. Renovate or die? Not really. It is not even a renovated project. This is about the same people with new ideas and new inspirations. A change of direction because they really feel like doing it and the result is brilliant.

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The Ocean

The Ocean (Argentina). Indie rock band The Ocean is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With a clear music influence by Radiohead, Interpol or U2, the band just released their debut EP “1.0 ANSIA” including 6 tracks with a big dose of post punk music

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Johnno Casson

Johnno Casson (UK) is a singer songwriter from Colchester. After several years playing with the band Snippets, Johnno has departed for a solo project in which he gives us his particular view of a personal world. Sometimes funny, other times romantic and melancholic, Johnno is releasing his debut album “Window Shopping”

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Acid Caramels

Acid Caramels (Argentina), a bitter combination of rock, punk, pop and dirty garage giving a retro perspective of the new music scene.  Clear classic influences are mixed with modern trends with a peculiar integration of different genres and their own style. Test Transmission, their debut album, is available for free download at Soundcloud

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