Concert   - Hinds. Joy Eslava, Madrid. Spain  Apr 26, 2016

And there we were, celebrating with Hinds’ fans their second anniversary in a luxury night in which another of our favourites opened the concert, the band from Chicago, Twin Peaks. The first impression I had seeing them to play is how much they have improved. Read more


 Concert   - Twin Peaks. Joy Eslava, Madrid. Spain  Apr 26, 2016

Fast performance for Twin Peaks in Madrid, last Tuesday. The band from Chicago visited us, opening for Hinds, in an intense and funny gig where we were able to see a band that we have been following since they released their first work, back in 2013. Read more

 Concert   - Ron Sexsmith. Teatro Lara, Madrid. Spain  Jun 18, 2015

Last Thursday we had the opportunity to attend the performance of an artist of artists, Canadian singer-songwriterRon Sexsmith. Opening the gig, London actor and musician based in Nashville, Tennessee, Sam Palladio. Sam Palladio had a  brilliant performance. Read more

 Concert   - Steve Smyth. Ego Live, Alcala de Henares. Spain May 21, 2015

Steve Smyth is a singer-songwriter from New South Wales in Australia. His first release was published in 2012 and he is now on tour supporting his last album “Exits”, released in 2014 through the Australian label Ivy League Records, a label that we love and support Read more

   Article     - The Best of 2014 in Music Dec 20, 2014

Our list of top 10 albums of 2014, best albums long list, best album covers, best songs, best music videos, best live performances, best gig posters, breakthrough artists of 2014, Jungle bands 2014, best Introducing Bands 2014, and Artists to watch in 2015 Read more

 Concert   - Bonnaroo 2014. Manchester, Tennessee. USA June12-15, 2014

Among the 80,000 “Bonaroovians” there is an undeniable sense of unity and good vibes. Over the course of four days I received hundreds of high-fives, the opportunity to dance all day from noon until the sun came up and memories of some of my absolute favorite artists. Read more

 Concert   - Boys Of The Hills & Kevin Conneff. Whelan's, Spain June 7, 2014

The World Heritage city of Alcala de Henares, located in the center of Spain, celebrated its fourth edition of La Noche En Blanco, a cultural programme started in 2011, based on the original idea of La Nuit Blanche, created in Paris in 2002. Read more

   Article     - Monkey's Pick Of The Bunch 5 Mar 17, 2014

Including 5 of his favourite tracks and videos, selected from the music that he has been listening during the week. Featuring: Black Submarine, WISH, Flyte, DZ Deathrays, Birth Of Joy.

Read more

   Article     - Bloody Thursdays! 4 Mar 13, 2014

Bloody Thursdays is a section that features the best 10 emerging bands/artists that we have listened during the week. Featuring: Lily & The Parlour Tricks, Night Flowers, Japanther, Katie Bulley, Secret Colours, Tashaki Miyaki, NO, FALD, Virginia Labuat, Os Dentes de Rubel. Read more

   Article     - Monkey's Pick Of The Bunch 4 Mar 10, 2014

Including 5 of his favourite tracks and videos, selected from the music that he has been listening during the week. Featuring: Dum Dum Girls, Blouse, Fear of Men, Wonky Doll and the Echo, Eagulls. Read more

   Article     - Monkey's Pick Of The Bunch 3 Mar 02, 2014

Including 5 of his favourite tracks and videos, selected from the music that he has been listening during the week. Featuring: The Faint, The Wytches, Howling Bells, Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux, Holograms. Read more

   Article     - Bloody Thursdays! 3 Feb 27, 2014

Bloody Thursdays is a section that features the best 10 emerging bands/artists that we have listened during the week. Featuring: Fuzz, Pink Mountaintops, Gardens & Villa, Waylayers, Streets of Laredo, My Empire Of Sound, Catfish & The Bottlemen, New Desert Blues, Russian Red, Boogarins. Read more

   Article     - Monkey's Pick Of The Bunch 2 Feb 24, 2014

Including 5 of his favourite tracks and videos, selected from the music that he has been listening during the week. Featuring: Afghan Whigs, Modern Rivals, Weatherbird, Yellerkin, Blank Realm Read More. Read more

   Article     - Monkey's Pick Of The Bunch 1 Feb 16, 2014

Including 5 of his favourite tracks and videos, selected from the music that he has been listening during the week. Featuring: Death Valley Girls, Cheatahs, The Delphines, Hideous Sun Demon, and Ex Hex. Read more

   Article     - Bloody Thursdays! 2 Feb 13, 2014

Bloody Thursdays is a section that features the best 10 emerging bands/artists that we have listened during the week. Featuring: Veyu, Dark Patrick, The Zoo City Lads, Andrew St. James, Guards, Papercuts, I Know Leopard, Blackbird and The Storm, Muñeco, Capital Inicial. Read more

   Article     - Bloody Thursdays! 1 Feb 06, 2014

Bloody Thursdays is a section that features the best 10 emerging bands/artists that we have listened during the week. Featuring: Kid XL, The Preatures, CHAMPS, Honduras, Soak, Stone Giant, Ayla, The CO, No More Lies, Yohomama. Read more

 Concert   - The Joy Formidable + Passion Pit. Spokane, USA Oct 18, 2013

An anthemetic introduction of strings on an empty stage began The Joy Formidable's set at the Knitting Factory last Friday night. A long buildup led into “This Ladder is Ours”, and high energy established the scene for the remainder of the show. The three piece band is comprised Read more

   Article     - The Joy Formidable Oct 18, 2013

London-based band The Joy Formidable are as powerful as they are charming. Lead vocalist Ritzy Bryan met Rhydian Dafydd as children, and officially formed as a group in 2007 with drummer Justin Stalhey, who was later replaced by Matthew James Thomas. Read more

 Concert   - Japanther. Apolo. Barcelona, Spain Oct 09, 2013

Five minutes before you can then read JAPHANTER at the neon sign of the venue, the Apolo of Barcelona. Dj Coco is inside at the plates spicing up with some kind of…rap? It seems he wants to ignore what will happen next, or maybe not, I don’t know. Read more

 Concert   - Japanther at VillaManuela Festival. Madrid, Spain Oct 09, 2013

Japanther was the band in charge to open the presentation of the new festival VillaManuela in Madrid, Spain. Three days of concerts, art and tapas to promote the stores and venues of Malasaña, a neighbourhood in the centre of the city. Dead MeadowMale BondingPretty & NiceRead more

   Article     - Jungle Party Oct 06, 2013

On october 6th, 2013, we had a online thematic party,featuring Jungle stuff. That means, Jungle, Jungle, Jungle everywhere: Music, bands, pictures, humour and what ever we found related to the Jungle. We have compiled here, what we posted that day, that you can find on Tumblr Read more

 Concert   - Cultivate Festival. City Park. Denver, CO. USA Aug 17, 2013

Chipotle's Cultivate Festival is an event that takes place in a few cities across the U.S. every year in order to feed people yummy Mexican food, educate them on sustainability and farming, and supply us with beautiful free music. This year, I attended the festival in Denver at City Park, Read more

 Concert   - Grizzly Bear. Ogden Theatre. Denver, CO. USA Aug 06, 2013

Grizzly Bear are like a rhetorical question: when nothing totally resolves, the listener has to fill in the gap themselves, and even though something seems to be missing, there's beauty to be found in the ambiguity. As the members approached the back-lit, single-colored, smokey Read more

 Concert   - Father John Misty. Webster Hall. NY, USA Jan 14, 2013

Webster Hall was packed tight on Monday night when Joshua Tillman took the stage, already having effortlessly slipped on his alter-ago. Father John Misty is, in every sense, a performer and performance.Anyone familiar with his recordings as J Tillman can appreciate the radical Read more

   Article     - Best Music Albums of 2012 Dec 20, 2012

When we mention bands/artists and their works, it is impossible that we keep in our memory all the albums that we listened during the year. We certainly remember those ones that we really liked, but we tend to fix our attention on those albums that have been mentioned more often Read more

 Concert   - Occupy Sandy Benefit. St. Ann's & the Holy Trinity Church. NY. USA Nov 17, 2012

The setting in St. Ann's church on Saturday was one that I doubt I'll have the chance to ever experience again. I arrived in Brooklyn Heights just before noon and joined the line that already wrapped down and around the block. I knew only that I was about to partake Read more

 Concert   - Japanther. El Nasti. Madrid, Spain  Nov 16, 2012

With a mix of punk, rock and quite of independent art, this duo has made of their concerts an indispensable point of reference if you have the chance to attend. In their shows, anything can happen and anything can fly. Just open your mind Read more

 Concert   - Angel Olsen. Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. USA Nov 12, 2012

We left Glasslands close to midnight. Angel Olsen finished up, we said our good-byes to friends also meandering out, and headed back to the Bedford stop on the L. My boyfriend and I walked a good 4 blocks before either of us dared wanting or trying to articulate our thoughts Read more

 Concert   - The Last Internationale. Ego Live, Alcalá de Henares. Spain Jun 21, 2012

With an aesthetic and visual impact that could remind us to Londoners band "The Kills", or even to  Joan Jett, The Last Internationale is however a versatile New York rock band confortable enough to play any kind of music genre that they feel like trying. Read more

 Concert   - Delorentos. Moby Dick, Madrid. Spain May 03, 2012

Delorentos, the Dublin based band formed in 2005, played at Moby Dick (Madrid, Spain) on May 3th for an audience that was thrilled with the professionalism, affection and sympathy wasted on the stage.With a pleasant  rock and a very studied  performance , the band had slowly Read more

   Article     - One Thing About Music Blogs That You Should Know May 01, 2012

Some people say that bloggers like to go to gigs and festivals for free. My answer is that I do a hard work and I am not paid for it, so at least I want to be able to get inside the venue without paying. Let's talk about numbers. Read more

 Concert   - Ryan Adams. Walt Disney Concert Hall. Los Angeles, USA Feb 18, 2012

Getting to downtown Los Angeles on a Saturday afternoon, or in general any day of the week and at almost any time, is quite a nightmare. If any of you had the opportunity to visit this city from the West Coast of the United States, you probably know then that traffic is a real hell there. Read more

   Article     - Florence + The Machine Oct 01, 2011

Florence + The Machine are one of the most sucessful indie pop band of the last years. Leadered by the English singer Florence Welch, they have released 2 studio albums and 2 live albums as well. Due to the big impact that this singer and her music has in our readers Read more

 Concert   - Dia De La Musica Festival. Matadero Madrid. Spain Jun 18-19, 2011

What can I say about Anna Calvi that has not been said already? Just to confirm that what they say it is true. That she has an amazing technique at the guitar and voice. That it is not surprising after seing her that great musicians like Nick Cave or Brian Eno have been fascinated by Read more

 Concert   - Boat Beam. Moby Dick, Madrid. Spain March 12, 2011

Rhythmic melodies, sweetness and sympathy, that's how I would define Boat Beam concert yesterday in Madrid. The trio of Josephine Ayling, Aurora Aroca and Alisha Buttke release with this concert their latest album, Reincarnation (Origami Records, 2011), second studio album Read more

   Article     - PJ Harvey Nov 01, 2010

Polly Jean Harvey (born 9 October 1969) is an English musician and singer-songwriter. She was raised in Corscombe, Dorset and Yeovil, Somerset. Her parents were both fans of American blues music. Their record collection exposed Harvey not only to the blues but also to Read more

   Article     - Noah and The Whale Oct 01, 2010

The music of Noah And The Whale was the official soundtrack to my time at university. Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down came out shortly before my carefree first year, during which I listened to little else. The following year, The First Days Of Spring was released, which kept me company Read more

   Article     - Madchester, Rave & New Rave Sept 01, 2010

Madchester was a music scene that developed in Manchester, England, in the late 80s and early 90s. It was a mix of Indie Rock, Psychedelic Rock and Dance. Among the groups in this movement are The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, James, The Charlatans, Inspiral Carpets, 808 State and Read more

   Article     - The Bluetones Jul 01, 2010

The Bluetones (originally named The Bottlegarden) formed in Hounslow, West London in 1993, drawn together by a mutual appreciation of late night television and lie-ins (this sounds good to me). Featuring Adam Devlin on guitar, Eds Chesters  Read more

   Article     - Kasabian Jun 05, 2010

Kasabian an alternative rock band, were formed in Countesthorpe, Leicestershire UK, in 1999. They were first called 'Saracuse' In 1999 they changed their name to Kasabian, after 'Linda Kasabian' getaway driver for the Charles Manson cult 'The Manson Family'. Read more

 Concert   - Frightened Rabbit. Pumpehuset. Copenhagen, Denmark  Jun 04, 2010

Frightened Rabbit yesterday in Copenhagen. I planned my meetings in Copenhagen with surgical precision around this date so I could fly the 500 miles and somebody else payed the air fare bill. The venue is small, rough (old water pumping station) but intimate when full. Read more

   Article    The Greatest Album Covers That Never Were Jun 01, 2010

Graphic designer Craig Butler and music archivist Michael Ochs launched a project called "The Greatest Album Covers That Never Were". They convinced 100 designers to create hypothetical album covers for their favorite recording artists. Read more

   Article     - The Fall May 05, 2010

I have a liking for extreme bands, bands other's might find hard work, but we are all different and have different tastes. The Fall are definitively an acquired taste, Mark E Smith's Manc [Manchester] drone not being easy listening at times. Not singing, not talking but Read more

   Article     - Marina and The Diamonds May 01, 2010

Marina Lambrini Diamandis is Marina, we are the diamonds. This is how she explains her stage name, including her fans, The Diamonds. Derived from her last name, it is a stage name that doesn’t refers to a band, but to the name of this solo singer. Read more

 Concert   - Ariel Rot. Hard Rock Café Madrid, Spain Apr 04, 2010

Small concert at Hard Rock Café in Madrid, set up just for journalists and other reduced people, presenting his new album Solo Rot. An incredible atmosphere where Ariel and his band delighted us with pure Rock and good tracks. Read more