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Neuman is a folk rock band from Murcia with hints of post-punk style. With a touch of melancholy, their melodies are wrapped by only a piano, a guitar and drums. Extended themes where the intermediate and final parts of the composition always acquired more weight than the voice. The voice, warm and sensitive runs through a frame of emotions that are transmitted by a descriptive language that moves you on every note, every minute.

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Band Members

Paco Roman - Guitars & Vocals
Fernando Lillo - Piano
Raúl Frutos- Drums & Banjo


The New Year,Appleseed cast, Built to spill, Sebadoh, Pedro the lion, Red House Painters, Pinback ...


Close to shoegaze and postrock music and influenced by 80's post-punk, Neuman is known for its pianos, guitars and vocals that merge into a single instrument with a very strong emotional and impressionistic component.

Everything starts back in 1998 when Paco Roman, after leaving La Fabrica de la Luz, spent all his time recording over 150 songs at the studio. In December 2010 he meets Fernando Lillo (pianist), and they begin to give shape to his compositions. The final form of Neuman get outlined with the addition of multi-instrumentalist Raul Frutos. The three together have released two studio albums.

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Studio album:

  • The Family Plot (Self produced, 2011)
  • Plastic Heaven (Loopside Records, 2010)

Sound Track:

  • Esquizofrenia



Neuman - Jane

Neuman - I Have The Will

Neuman - La Yo

Neuman - West Silvertown

Neuman - Plastic Heaven

Neuman - Just a Lie

Neuman - The Family Plot (Promo Video)

Live Videos

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Neuman - Sil Fono (Official Live video)

Neuman - Lovers (Radio 3, Spain)

Neuman - Hammond (Water Tapes Sessions)

Neuman - Ben Gun (Radio 3, Spain)

Neuman - Hell (La Fábrica de Chocolate, Vigo)

Interview with Neuman

1. How did the band begin?


Neuman started as a personal project about 8 years ago in which I recorded over 150 songs that I played all by myself. As a band, Neuman line up was completed just 2 years ago.

(Read the band bio on this apge to kwno more about their beginnings ).


2. How would you define the sound of the band? 


You can fit many tags on it. We like it when they say that our music sounds like a lifelong music. Soem people say that we are shoegaze, Post-Rock, Pop, Folk, but always with a strong emotional component.

3. Talk us about your last work.


It has been recorded like the old techniques of recording discs 40 years ago, almost live, to keep the emotional aspect intact as in its compossition.


4. How are your concerts? What can we find there that we wont find on your studio records?


It can be seen as a "roller coaster", from an acoustic sound and a  whispering voice to a  authentic madness unleashed sounds. A loyal like in the record studio.

(Read our article of Neuman gig Day of the Heineken Music Festival 2011).

 5. What do you think about the music industry and what do you think is your place within it?


I see a fashion musical archetype which we respect and share. We are in a privileged position in the current music scen. We also get feed from the people who begin to follow outside our country.

Tour dates

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